THE ASSEMBLY is the highest body of CDT and consists of all of its members.
In its ordinary or extraordinary meetings, which are public, the Assembly adopts the Statute, work and development plan and financial report of the organization.
It also appoints members of the Steering Committee and Supervisory Board.
Regular Assembly meeting is held once a year (between 1 April and 15 May).

Members of the Assembly include:

  • Aleksandar Perović
  • Anđelija Lučić
  • Biljana Papović
  • Bojan Spaić
  • Darko Blagojević
  • Darko Ivanović
  • Dragan Koprivica
  • Đorđije Brkuljan
  • Katarina Jović – Martinović
  • Milica Bogdanović
  • Milica Kovačević
  • Milivoje Krivokapić
  • Milovan Papić
  • Milanka Jokanović
  • Miroslav Šćepanović
  • Tatjana Koprivica

SUPERVISORY BOARD (SB)is a three-member CDT body appointed by the Assembly for a period of two years.
The members cannot be employees of the organization or receive any form of financial assistance from CDT.
This body supervises the operation and use of the property and finances of CDT, interprets the Statute and monitors its implementation.
SB also approves proposed decisions of the Steering Committee about the membership fee amount, and provides its opinion, advice and recommendations relating to the matters of conflict of interest and to establishing the competence of organization’s bodies.
Members of this body supervise the execution of decisions of CDT’s bodies.

SB members are:

  • Ana Kovačević-Kadović
  • Katarina Jović -Martinović

MANAGING BOARD (MB)is a body of CDT which makes strategic decisions in the organization.
Five MB members are responsible for managing operations that ensure effective implementation of CDT’s work and development plan, i.e. successful implementation of activities related to its goals and objectives.
Members of MB appointed by the Assembly for a period of two years decide on the establishment of working bodies of the organization.
They submit CDT’s work and development plan to the Assembly for adoption, as well as the annual report on work and finances of the organization.

MB members are:
  • Milica Kovačević (President)
  • mr Tatjana Koprivica (Deputy President)
  • mr Aida Ramusović
  • mr Bojan Božović
  • dr Bojan Spaić