CDT’s initiatives are also presented in journalistic articles which shall include – in addition to the views of our organization – the views of relevant interlocutors in the field of our work. For the majority of articles we will use information obtained by CDT Research Centre and thus develop data journalism, as a new advocacy method for offering solution. In its work, the Editorial Board of CDT will respect the principles prescribed by the Code of Journalists of Montenegro.

Editorial Board will respect the right of readers to freely express their critical opinion on events and persons, in order to develop a culture of public dialogue, but will not allow comments that offend the dignity or contain threats, hate speech, unsubstantiated allegations or racist messages. The portal will not allow publication of contents that offend ethnic, religious, sexual and gender equality. Portal administrators reserve the right to delete comments.

Reproduction of the information contained in CDT portal is authorised for non-commercial purposes provided the source, i.e. author is expressly cited. CDT portal team is open to all well-intentioned suggestions and advice, as well as to reasoned discussion on published articles.

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