Campaign Vote Freely Launched

While awaiting for the Parliamentary elections Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), launched a campaign “Vote freely” in order to promote citizens’ fundamental right to freely determine their political opinion.

The aim of the campaign is to remind citizens, in these times of disturbed trust, of their right to vote according to their beliefs, as well as that no one has the right to influence illegally their decisions.

The campaign will be implemented in all Montenegrin municipalities through field activities, organization of info-points, debates and public events.

In addition, much of the campaign will happen on the Internet – on portals, social networks…

As a part of the campaign CDT, in cooperation with Viber, has initiated Public Chat with an aim to provide important information to citizens during the election period.

On Public Chat, which can be accessed via smartphones from the link , political and economic debates will be organized, but also it will be used for informing public during the Election Day.

The campaign is implemented with the support of German and Canadian embassies, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Viber company.