Capacity building training held in Bijelo Polje

CDT organized capacity building training in Bijelo Polje, on 25th and 26th July 2018.

Trainings aimed to support organizations in achieving the greatest possible programme impact through strengthening their capacities and skills for developing, implementing and maintaining all relevant project and financial management aspects. Therefore, the training covered the topics of project management, good governance, promoting projects, policy advocacy etc.

Participants were very satisfied with the training, asking trainers for many advices and suggestions.

Trainers gave them training materials and remained open to any additional questions and explanations.

“I am very satisfied with the training and want to underline that in the situation of different challenges that one NGO could face of, sharing experience, lessons learnt and advices represent great benefit”, one of the participant said.

“My NGO doesn’t have so big work experience and this training offered me an excellent starting point for new improvements and developments”, another participant claimed.