CSO Sustainability Index


CEDEM’s research, conducted in June last year has shown that public trust in CSO has slightly improved. The research showed that 39.8% of respondents has had trust in CSOs, compared to 35.7% from November 2015.

Program Coordinator in the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), Anđelija Lučić, presented 2016 CSO Sustainability Index report for Montenegro, highlighting that the overall score for public image of CSO remained unchanged.

“Public generally acknowledges services provided by civil sector. On the other side, due to unsafe financial sustainability these organizations apply for all possible types of funding, even if it does not fit into their missions, which endangers their capability to answer to real needs and priorities of the community”, Lučić stated.

During the panel discussion “CSO Sustainability in Montenegro” it was emphasized that the Council for Development of CSOs has not had a session in its full composition for more than a year and that there are many problems regarding it functioning.


The Executive Director of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, member of the Council, Marina Vujačić, emphasized that this body does not function.

“The fact that this Council was chaired by i.e. is chaired by minister without portfolio indicates that presiding over this body was given to a person with less obligations in the Government or that the Government treated it as a side issue”, she said.

As she stated, a structure of the Council regarding CSO members was of high-quality.

“A change in the structure of this body is necessary”, she also said.

Ivan Šikmanović, representative of the Ministry of Public Administration, considers that it is necessary to increase number of the Council members.

“Its strengthening is necessary. There are specific problems in work efficiency of this body. An unconstructive atmosphere from both sides was created”, Šikmanović said.

He reminded that a new law defines that the Government annually determines priority areas for financing of projects and programs of CSOs based on the previous analysis of line ministries.