2018 Presidential Elections – Live

Based on 100% of the sample the results are as follows:

Based on 100% of the sample the results are the following:
Marko Milačić – 2.7%
Mladen Bojanić – 33.5%
Hazbija Kalač – 0.8%
Vasilije Miličković – 0.4%
Dobrilo Dedeić – 0.4%
Draginja Vuksanović – 8.3%
Milo Đukanović – 53.8%

Based on 90.5% of the sample the results are as follows:

Marko Milačić – 2.7%
Mladen Bojanić – 33.3%
Hazbija Kalač – 0.9%
Vasilije Miličković – 0.4%
Dobrilo Dedeić – 0.4%
Draginja Vuksanović – 8.1%
Milo Đukanović – 54.2%

Voter turnout in 2018 presidential elections in Montenegro is 64%. 


By 7 P.M. 59.3% of citizens voted.

By 6 P.M. 54.6% of citizens voted.

By 4 P.M. 46.5% of citizens voted.

Polling boards in 23 municipalities in Montenegro approved around 9,000 requests for home-bound voting, which is about 1.7% of the total number of registered voters. 


  • at PS No.19 Gallery “Center”, Podgorica, polling board allowed a person without valid personal documents to vote. The person voted based on the certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior which states that documents were stolen and that a person is waiting for the new. This is contrary to the Article 80 of the Law on Election of Councilor and MPs which clearly states that voter proves his/her identity with a biometric ID card or passport, and that a voter can not vote without an identity proof.

Until 12PM 27,2% or 144.600 of citizens voted.

  • at PS No. 17 Brskovo, Mojkovac, political activists of the ruling coalition candidate, recorded voters in front of the PS. Therefore, activists of Democrats requested ending of voting procedure at that place. The problem was reported to MEC;
  • at PS No. 135 in NikÅ¡ić (primary school “Milija Nikčević“ A, entrance No.1) members of the polling board pronounced names of voters, contrary to the rules;
  • CDT  appealed to the polling boards to prevent ballot photographing and to inform voters that such ballots may be canceled due to violation of the secrecy of voting;
  • at PS No. 41 Desna Obala Ibra IX in Rožaje, a voter photographed the ballot. He did not allow polling board to annul it and he placed it in the ballot box with the control coupon;
  • at PS No. 22 Trepča, Andrijevica, a voter took photo of the ballot, which was not annulled;
  • at PS No. 14 A (Sports Center) in Podgorica, voters did not sign printed version of the voter register, contrary to Article 68b of the Law on Election of Councilors. After CDT intervention and visit of MEC Podgorica this pratice was corrected;

Today , citizens of Montenegro elect their President for the next five years. There are 532.599 of registered voters.


Candidates for the President are:

  • Marko Milačić
  • Mladen Bojanić
  • Hazbija Kalač
  • Vasilije Miličković
  • Dobrilo Dedeić
  • Draginja Vuksanović
  • Milo Đukanović


Citizens of Montenegro can exercise their voting right at 1214 polling stations in 23 towns, as well as at polling stations in Detention and Rehabilitation Center Podgorica and Bijelo Polje prison.

Polling stations are opened from 7 to 20h.

Until 9AM 6.4% or 34.270 of citizens voted.

Irregularities noted so far:

  • in Rožaje, across the street of primary school “Mustafa Pećanin” where polling stations 1, 27, 29, 30, 37, and 38 are located, are premises of Bosniak Party (BoÅ¡njačka stranka). Its activists from a window register voters;
  • although the Law on Election of Councilors and MPs foresees parity representation of both, representatives of the government and the opposition in polling boards, due to the specific composition of the local parliament in NikÅ¡ić, there are no representatives of the opposition in the permanent composition of polling boards;
  • at polling station No. 69 Vuk Karadžić, Podgorica, members of the polling board speak out loud names of voters, which is contrary to the rules which forbidden to polling borad president and members to pronounce name and surname of voter , and also his/her number in voters list excerpt.
  • at polling station No. 10 (Grammar School) in Cetinje a member of the polling board was late. Polling board replaced her with a deputy but seven persons voted before that which is contrary to the Article 72 of the Law on Election of Councilors and MPs which prescribes that while the polling station is opened and polling is in progress, all members of the polling board or their deputies must be present at the polling station;
  • technical problems with device for electronic identification of voters, as well as electricity failure in several polling stations;

CDT accredited and engaged 350 observers for election monitoring.

Citizens’ election monitoring CDT implements with the support of US Embassy in Podgorica, Rockfeller Brothers Fund, Embassy of the Netherlands in Belgrade and Viber company.