Everyone must feel safe in Montenegro

The Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) calls on the state authorities to identify and vigorously prosecute the perpetrators of the inadmissibly violent incidents that have been taking place in Montenegro in recent days. We also call on them to take purposeful measures to prevent the recurrence of these heinous acts and to restore the sense of security of all citizens.

We appeal to all political entities to prevent the continuation of these incidents which seriously threaten democratic community values, not only through public statements but also by communicating directly with their voters on the ground.

We are witnesses to the fact that the very extremism that had been secretly accumulating in all parts of this society for years has been released now after the elections, turning into its most aggressive and violent form. And this must sound the alarm for every well-meaning citizen, regardless of political affiliation.

Montenegro is risking the democratic capital that resulted from its peaceful election day, and this important achievement has turned into fear in just 48 hours. Therefore, it is time for all actors of the society to get seriously and directly engaged so as to prevent further escalation of these phenomena.

All civic and progressive forces in Montenegro, regardless of how they voted in the elections, must advocate for the improvement of the situation in the country with their actions, and not only through verbal condemnations.

Attacks on the citizens of Pljevlja and the property of the Islamic Community, the provocations in Tuzi, fascist verbal attacks directed at national, sexual or religious minorities, threats to atheists, aggression against political dissidents, attacks on the media, and the fearmongering, are all synonymous with what we thought was long gone. But unfortunately, the nineties are back again.

That is why reason, care, and the need for direct action, both in the media and on the ground, are more important than ever. And we are all accountable for that.

Dragan Koprivica

Executive Director of the CDT