Raskrinkavanje.me and the Center for Climate Change are partnering in the fight against disinformation about climate change

The Center for Democratic Transition’s (CDT) platform Raskrinkavanje.me and the Center for Climate Change, Natural Resources, and Energy of the University of Donja Gorica will be working together in the future to combat disinformation, false narratives, conspiracy theories about climate change, and the denial of this global issue.

Our collaboration efforts will aim at countering the spread of various conspiracy theories by individuals and certain media outlets attempting to deny or diminish the significance of this process despite it being scientifically validated and confirmed.

Climate change is one of the most serious challenges of our time, already having far-reaching consequences across every region on Earth. It affects each and every one of the eight billion inhabitants of the planet, causing substantial material damage to infrastructure and economic losses to countries, undermining public health, and degrading the environment.

As forecasted by relevant scientific institutions, in the future, we will increasingly face various challenges due to climate extremes, and citizens will find it difficult to comprehend what is actually happening if they do not have accurate information.

That is why Raskrinkavanje.me, which is soon celebrating its fifth anniversary, and the UDG’s Center for Climate Change, Natural Resources and Energy, which has been addressing these issues since 2017, will provide readers with accurate and comprehensive information on climate change by debunking numerous fake news and conspiracy theories through their daily collaboration.

Collaboration on this critical topic means that, in addition to fact-checking and scrutinizing questionable posts, we will also prepare joint analyses and provide space for climate, ecology, and climate change experts to accurately and comprehensively inform the public regarding this burning global issue.

Montenegro ratified the Paris Agreement in 2017, committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the fight against the negative impacts of climate change and the EU’s efforts to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This means that our society is facing adaptation, a series of measures to join the global action against climate change. We believe that the success of this action depends on broad social support based on credible information.

Regrettably, the topic of climate change has not yet received adequate attention in the programs of political parties and other societal actors, and there have been limited serious actions by the state in this field. This is the case even though climate change policies occupy prominent position in the agendas of political parties and governments in the EU.

Our organizations invite citizens to join us in this initiative and send us posts related to climate change through our social media whenever they have doubts about their accuracy. We will gladly fact-check the content in such articles and posts on social media and share our analyses through the Raskrinkavanje.me website.

Dragan Koprivica, Executive Director of CDT

Ivana Vojinovic, Director of the Center for Climate Change, UDG