Milena Gvozdenovic: Party interests and the blockade of institutions hamper the fight against corruption

The current blockade of key institutions in Montenegro has largely limited the results of the new government in the fight against corruption.

The formation of the Government of Montenegro promised a ruthless fight against corruption, but, unfortunately, in the current moment of the institutional blockade, it is difficult to conclude whether the government can implement its announcements from a year ago.

It is clear that all the necessary reforms can not be achieved overnight, just as corruption cannot be eradicated, but one should be aware that certain legal solutions are adopted unilaterally for the sake of certain political interests, which certainly does not lead to sustainability and functionality of institutions which should lead society in the fight against corruption.

Concrete results in the fight against corruption are still beyond the reach of institutions, and instead, we are being served penalties for inadequate completion of property cards, which most public officials in Montenegro can afford to pay without any difficulties.

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Milena Gvozdenovic CDT

Deputy Program Director